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Intuit QuickBooks Names BBK a “Firm of the Future” Finalist

By June 6, 2016 No Comments

In the past year, we’ve converted our entire bookkeeping firm – and 100 business clients – to the accounting cloud. It was a feat that required quite a bit of time, planning and effort but we knew it was necessary to demystify the complexities of accounting and financial insight based on real-time data and documentation. It made a lot of sense for our firm, and our clients.

Our business clients have agreed with this move, as BBK and the cloud give them access to real-time financial data anywhere, anytime, the documents they need at their fingertips and expert bookkeeping help that is only a tap away. From any smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC they can quickly approve bills, review invoices or check in on their financial performance.

Each year, Intuit (the maker of QuickBooks Online) holds a contest to identify the Firm of the Future. Thousands of accounting and bookkeeping firms worldwide enter each year to be evaluated based on their use of cloud technology, how they support their clients as trusted advisors and the growth their practices.

Intuit announced the results in September of 2015.

BBK earned its place on the list of the top-20 finalists! We are truly thankful and awestruck. In just a little over a year we’ve moved our entire firm and clients to the cloud after relying on a mix of cloud and desktop solutions and (sometimes) paper. Winning this recognition means a lot and BBK will continue to push itself to stay on the cutting-edge of technology for our clients.

To help BBK celebrate its win as a Firm of the Future, Intuit interviewed BBK’s founder Cinder Henderson Magner. She shares why she founded the firm, her guiding principles, her commitment to her clients and technology and what it honestly means to her to be a Firm of the Future.

As an added bonus, Intuit also created a 3-D video of Cindy and BBK at work. Take a peek if you’d like to see what goes on behind the scenes at BBK.